Unity Layout — Quick Tip

So working today with some GameDevHQ tutorials and found a useful layout for folks interested in using a professional layout. I usually used 2 by 3 layout myself but found this new custom one pretty adaptable for may uses in Unity.

By default, the current Unity layout is ok but can feel clumsy over time. The Scene window doesn’t need to be so big and the Project window should be more vertical as you acquire more items/folders in your project.

Default layout

To change to a more professional layout, start with the “Tall” layout by pressing the “Default” dropdown at the top right corner of your screen.

Tall layout

From here, you can customize any window’s tab by dragging and dropping it around. Let’s drag the “Game” window’s tab below the “Standard” window and even out the screen areas between the two. Then, to see more of your files/folders in the “Project” window, change the column from 2 columns to 1 in the 3 dot menu at the top right corner of the window. Finally, save this layout.

Make a professional Unity layout from Tall layout setting

And that’s it! This should be pretty adaptable for various projects from PC builds, mobile, and other platform developments. You can set the “Scene” and “Game” windows side-by-side if you need something more vertical and mobile friendly.

Passionate animator and game developer; Wesley is a co-founder for Multivarious Games and a Creative Director in elearning at Xcelerate Media.