Unity Interface ver. 2021.1.0f1

Been working in Unity 3D for awhile but it’s been a sec since I’ve looked over the new 2021 interface. I remember from my old Maya 3D animation days that transforms are as follows for the keyboard hot keys:

w: Position, e: Rotate: r: scale.

translate, rotate, and scale review

These seem fairly arbitrary but have become fairly universal in the 3D world. You can see these keyboard shortcuts in many different 3D software tools like Blender, Maya, and Unreal UDK.

New to me in Unity 2021, I noticed a new search pop out window called “Quick Search” in the Hierarchy panel. You can also see this in the Project panel or access it with Ctrl + k. Looks like a more advanced search engine and you can access some external search options too. Will look into into this: https://docs.unity3d.com/Packages/com.unity.quicksearch@3.0/manual/index.html

Unity Quick Search

One last feature off the bat I found useful was in the Hierarchy panel. You can now lock and unlock game objects as well as view/hide them with the panel on the left. I love this feature!

New Hierarchy Features

Can’t wait of dig into 2021 more to see what else is new. Last version of Unity 3D I worked on was about 2018. Stay tuned for more updates.

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