Pseudo-Woodo Code

Yes a pun on the word “pseudo” with Sudowoodo but this has some context as I will explain! Please forgive me for now.

Pseudo code or “commented” code is written text not added to a script during runtime. Its purpose is to to write out your thoughts before you type the real code. This is usually denoted by commenting 2 forward slashes “//” and typing out in plain sentence(s) what you want to accomplish in code or what you want to make as a note for later.

Pseudo code examples

The Pokemon Sudowoodo, even though similar to a tree, it is by far not a real tree. It mimics being a tree but avoids water at all costs. Thusly, Sudowoodo is a nice example of a tree but at the end of the day, it is more a of homage to the a real tree. Woah, totally deep man, wild huh?

Kind of like pseudo code… well sort of I suppose. For pseudo code, it is a great blueprint to write down your thoughts before your dive deep into the real thing. You can easily get so lost in syntax errors and workflows that just you forget what you are trying to do in the first place.

At least, hopefully, Sudowoodo will help get you thinking about using “pseudo” code in your own work. Just remember that once you are done setting up the real code and it is easy to read at a glace, please do delete your pseudo code to tidy up your work. Having too much pseudo code can also make reading the real thing cumbersome.

Cleaned up Movement code

See you in the next game development journey!

Passionate animator and game developer; Wesley is a co-founder for Multivarious Games and a Creative Director in elearning at Xcelerate Media.