Console commands — Git Bash testing

Been working in Unity 3D as a designer/3D artist for awhile. I’m now pushing my knowledge as a Unity Developer learning console commands for Git source control using the Git Bash console. I’ve used other visual source control programs like “Git Hub Desktop” and “Source Tree” in the past but, I hear that the console commands are a bit closer to the source of Git.

So, I started a new project in Unity 3D, GitHub, and Git Bash to experiment using pull, commit, push, and branching commands to backup simple changes. I created a “dev” branch to showcase new changes made from the initial “master” branch:

Make a new “dev” branch
Switching branches from “dev” to “master” and vice versa

Source control is super important not only to game development but all kinds of web, system, and software projects and keep multiple versions of your projects as you work. Here, you can use either “switch” or “checkout” to move between branches in a project. This can be helpful when you have multiple people working on the same project and need to “branch” and work a bit then “merge” content later to the master version.

2 ways to move to “dev” branch

I like the “switch” term and is a new command change for Git from the traditional “checkout” command but both work well here. Learning more and will keep posted on my progress. Stay tuned!

Passionate animator and game developer; Wesley is a co-founder for Multivarious Games and a Creative Director in elearning at Xcelerate Media.